Kefalonia Private Paradise | The Island
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The island of Kefalonia in Greece is truly a gem that charms all who come to spend their holidays here.Kefalonia is a very big island and for this reason it’s able to satisfy every kind of tourist, from the most active, to those who dream of a relaxing stay. Kefalonia will make special your stay in Greece, fascinating you with its clear sea with wonderful colors, with its hidden coves, its caves, its picturesque villages and its breathtaking views.Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands  in Greece, with a surface of about 780 skm. Kefalonia is also the most mountainous island of the Ionian Islands in Greece with Ainos Mount (Ainos 1628 mt), that divides the island in two parts.The peak of Ainos Mount is also a beautiful national park with a local breed of free-range horses and a wonderful place where you can enjoy various excursions.The island of Kefalonia has many caves, culverts and hot springs. The winters here are mild and the summers are warm but not muggy.Kefalonia island can offer to the tourists modern structures and different services, while maintaining its traditional style and natural beauty. 


Lixouri is the main town of Paliki region, it has been built near the ancient town of Paliokastro and after Argostoli is the second biggest town in Kefalonia island.Lixouri is placed in the most flat and fertile area of Kefalonia.A region with few hills and a clay soil that since ancient times has favored a peasant life. People from Lixori are famous to be very polite, hospitable and professional singers. Here in Lixouri there is the Phiilarmonic school that’s one of the most important in Greece.In front of the port, Lixouri has a huge square with a majestic tree in the center and from this square a pedestrian street full of shops starts.

Lixouri has not a beach in the city, but just outside there is one, called Lepeda, that is frequented by tourists and locals.
To reach Lepeda from Lixouri you must follow the waterfront to the south for one kilometer and half.
Lepeda is a beautiful wide, red and sandy beach, not too different from the most famous Xi beach but definitely less crowded.
At the beginning of the beach there are some rocks, near the shore, that border a small bay and create an evocative view. On the beach there is also a volleyball net for those who want to have fun and not just lay under the sun.
All the coast between Lixouri and Lepeda beach is accessible, with red sand and  free, without snack bars or sunbeds for rent.


The coastal area of the island of Kefalonia is 254 km and with its spectacular beaches that are among the largest, picturesque and clean in all Greece. The coasts of Kefalonia offer a true paradise for lovers of sandy beaches and no shortage of beautiful bays ideal for snorkeling. Kefalonia offers both beaches for tourists and inlets where you can find peace and relax even in August.

West coast

In the north, the west coast has small beautiful bays such as Assos; going down, there are long sandy beaches in very large gulfs. Going further south down, the coast falls sheer on the sea and the few creeks are accessible only by sea. Finally, in the southern part of the Paliki peninsula there are the famous beaches with the red sand: “Xi” and “Mega Lakos”.

East coast

The east area is characterized by large parts of the coast not reachable by car but also by spectacular beaches including the well-known Antisamos and Skala. From this part of the coast it is easy to reach Ithaca which is just opposite.

South coast

The south coast has a gulf between Argostoli and Lixouri which offers few beaches; the area of Lassi which are many beautiful bays one after the other and the rest of the coast has long sandy beaches with a crystal clear sea.


May: summer season starts with hot days and fresh evenings. The island of Kefalonia is still empty with few tourists and it’s the ideal time to find lonely and relaxing beaches. The sea is mostly flat as there aren’t strong winds and Kefalonia has a gorgeous nature full of flowers.
June: it starts to be very hot and beaches become the perfect place where to stay all day long. Also the temperature of the sea starts to be perfect and the beaches begin to be filled with tourists. This is the best month to sleep in the night!
July: it’s very hot… but a gentle wind will save you every afternoon. The tourism start to be massive and people from all the Europe come to Kefalonia island to spend their holidays. In order to sleep well in the night it would be better to have the air condition.
August: the same hot weather as in July but with more humidity. In this month you’ll see Kefalonia full of tourists, especially from Italy, who fill beaches during the day and the villages during the night. The most famous beaches like Myrtos, Petani, Antisamos are overcrowded and it is the month with more tourism!
September: the weather temperature starts to be nice and the beaches which are less crowded are perfect in the midday. There are few rainy days that change into a blue sky with a hot sun. This is a perfect month to relax in contact with nature without mass tourism.

October: there are cooler temperatures but it is still possible to swim without any problems. The island is a paradise with its countryside that starts to be green again and a mild breeze that makes you want to go hiking. In the evening, we recommend you to wear a sweater as starts to be cool, especially for outdoor dining.


During summer season, from May till October temperatures can change from 23 till 36 degrees and it doesn’t rain a lot.
Some days there is a light breeze that makes the air cooler; the Maistros is the wind that raises in the afternoon and usually blows from the north to the south of Kefalonia island.


Airport: 26,5km (using the Argostoli – Lixouri Ferry)
Sami Port: 39,4km (using the Argostoli – Lixouri Ferry)
Poros Port: 52,5km (using the Argostoli – Lixouri Ferry)